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This web site is dedicated to all of us who love to drive.

And not just any old driving. We want to drive on the best roads. We all spend way to much time sitting in traffic and we all know there is just nothing like getting out of town, finding a challenging section of smooth road, and pushing the limits of man and machine.

We are all about finding that perfect mountain pass or that perfect stretch of desert or that breathtaking coastal route that demands 100% concentration and commitment.

This site will help you in that search and provide maps, directions, local information hints and tips to help you plan and enjoy your journey.

Use the navigation menu at the top of the page to explore the roads that we love to drive and the roads that are accessable in your region.

You can also use the Google Search box to search this site for specific information.

We also search the web every day to bring you up-to-date information that is car, driving and travel specific. You will find links to these resources in the bottom section of each page.

Now, on to very important topic. We want YOU to contribute to this web site and tell us where you like drive, what you like to drive and where you like to stop along the way.

Please go to the Contact page for details of how to submit a trip report. We will give you full credit for your reports and they will be posted on this website for all to see - and compare.

Time to go explore and plan your next trip on one of The Worlds Best Driving Roads.

The Top 10 Best Driving Roads

#1 - Pacific Coast Highway
Take the grand tour along one of the most scenic roads in the world.
#2 - Col De Turini
A combination of Swiss and Italian roads to make your engine and heart pump faster.
#3 - The Nurburgring North
The greatest track of them all is now a German toll road where you can take your car.
#4 - Death Valley & Mountains
Las Vegas to Mammoth Lakes driving through the lowest (and hotest) point in the USA. Excillerating!
#5 - Australia's Great Ocean Road
A fantastic road in a fantastic country. Well worth the trip "down-under".
#6 - The Lang Whang
A drive along the Brtain's A70 is a "must do" for any driving enthuiast.
#7 - New Zealand's Southern Alps
Great roads, incredible scenery and you may just run into (or over) a Hobbit!
#8 - Snakes And Cat'n'Fiddle
England is blessed with great driving roads. Here are two you can do back-to-back.
#9 - Chief Joseph Scenic Byway
Wyoming is a state that is belessed with amazing roads. Highway 296 is 50 miles of driving heaven.
#10 - Pinnacles National Monument
Smooth, fast, deserted - except for a few Porsche's being tested - this road screams "faster".

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